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Become a Club 12 Member

Be a Club 12 Member


  • Membership of HiVayKing Club for 12 months
  • Free Download of the Android mobile App ROUT-O to navigate Indian Hivays, an entirely new experience & format not offered by anyone (under testing & development)
  • Free Route Plan in ROUT-O for any One Trip that you may want to make in the next 12 months, as and when it is rolled out over the next 6-12 months
  • Free use of India 501 hotel services for Two nights
  • Free 24x7 Helpline through voice YA IM HVKING, whats app 9821045167
  • Free HiVay Assistance HAL-O for resolving technical issues in your vehicle
  • Earn Points through the Rewards Program whenever you help bring a new Hotel to the Central Hotel Desk or the HVK Store
  • Free Sticker Pack will be shipped to you

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